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To achieve sustainability we are going to invest into optimizing our factories to be utilize power more efficiently.

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Solar Power

To achieve sustainability we are going to invest in optimizing our factories to utilize power more efficiently. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emission by 8% In 2020.

We aim to reduce power consumption and go green from Dec, 2018.

We will invest in renewable energy and using solar panel to power our factory. We aim to cover the factory roof to power our operation.

Solar Panel Installation

Vietnam is taking the first step!

We have begun installing solar panels in the factory compound in Vietnam. We aim to continue to do over the next few years until we are carbon neutral for our staff's electrical supplies.

Solar Panel Installation

Followed up by China!

Our plan to minimize the carbon footprint in China has just started! We have begun installing the solar panels on the residential buildings and our factory buildings. The installation will provide 30KW a day to our facilities.

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